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Protecting Your Children's Eyesight From Harmful UV Rays

Protecting Your Children's Eyesight From Harmful UV Rays

Protect Your Children's Eyesight

Taking the family out for the day? Maybe to the beach or a park? There's a few extra items we always take for the kids (and the adults) these days such as sunscreen, hats and perhaps rash vests. There is however, one thing often missing from our list. We try to protect our children as much as possible from the harmful UV rays which can damage their skin from an early age while trying to balance that with a healthy dose of the great outdoors. But what about their eyes? There is now great concern about the future of our children's eyesight and eye health.

Many eye specialists now agree kids should  wear sunglasses which offer 100% UV protection while they are outside. Cells in the eye can be badly damaged by UV sunlight just like the skin. Some schools are now considering making sunglasses part of the outdoor play essentials along with hats.

To help you out we have provided a range of kids sunglasses.  Real Kids are designed in the US, offer 100% UV protection and are so flexible they are almost impossible to break. They offer a stylish solution to protecting your kids eyes (even the fussiest child would love to look cool in these sunnies). Pretty sure you won't need to remind them to put them on which is great as we know you already a billion other things to remember!

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